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Cogent Transfer LLC

105 Thames St, Brooklyn, NY 11237

  • Municipal waste and composting diversion facility 

  • Approximately 17,000 tons of municipal solid waste diverted per month 

  • Over 500 tons of organics diverted per month

  • Organic and inorganic fractions efficiently separated through the state-of-the-art Tiger Depackaging System


  1. Cogent Recycling of  NY LLC
    58-35 47th Street, Maspeth, NY 11378

  2. Cogent Recycling of NJ LLC
    800 Page Ave, Lyndhurst, NJ 07071

  3. Cogent Central
    860 Humboldt St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

  4. Brooklyn C&D
    542 Varick Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

  5. Cogent Transfer LLC (SSO Organics Licensed)
    114-115 Thames Street, Brooklyn, NY 11237

  6. Staten Island C&D
    11 Ferry Street, Staten Island, NY 10302

Staten Island C & D

Cogent Transfer LLC

Cogent Recycling NJ

Cogent Recycling NY

Cogent Central

Brooklyn C & D

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Transfer LLC

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