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Safety (3rd Eye)

Safety is always a top priority with Cogent. Onboard 3rd Eye camera systems constantly monitor both our drivers and their environment, ensuring safe and secure operation of vehicles. Operations specialists at Cogent have immediate verification of service, as well as video validation of overfilled containers, ensuring both efficacy and peace of mind at every stage of the journey.  

Core Computing (eMobile)

Our Core Computing technology provides secure driver access to routes, container information, service orders, and intra-company messaging. A reliable user interface is easily utilized by all of our drivers, while eMobile tech provides ASL Auto-Pilot™ feature for sideloaders, minimizing driver interaction with the tablet. Additional core computing resources include container management, RFID technology, signature capture for service order verification, DVIR with images, roadside DOT review, and shop reports.

Digital Scales

Trucks with digital scales monitor customers in real time. Cogent waste can accurately weigh your trash quarterly or bi-monthly as needed to produce accurate tracking of all recyclables and provide waste diversion metrics based on your individual account’s waste produced.  

Cogent Waste App

We’re excited to announce the new Cogent Waste Solutions app. The app will allow customers to fully and easily manage their accounts. At the touch of a screen, they can request extra pickups, order rentals, view or pay bills, receive pick-up confirmations, analyze metrics, and access reports.

Waste Removal

Waste Tracking / Diversion Reports 

Our drivers are equipped with iPads onboard and off, GPS tracking with date & time stamp images to pinpoint exact waste streams and volume.

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