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Cogent Waste Solutions offers more recycling capacity than any other privately held company in NYC. Our single-stream programs make it easier for customers to do their part for the environment.

Single-Stream Recyclable Items:

  • Co-mingled: Plastic bottles & cans

  • Small metal items: Aluminum, copper, steel

  • Glass jars and bottles

  • Rigid plastic

  • Beverage cartons

  • Paper fibers: receipts, mail, office paper, folders, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, cardboard

Click here for more information on recyclable items. 

Unacceptable Materials in Single Stream Recycling:

  • Ceramic / dishware

  • Clothing, linens and rags

  • Construction debris

  • Electronics

  • Food scraps

  • Hazardous materials or chemicals

  • Ink or toner cartridges

  • Light bulbs: incandescent, fluorescent and LEDs

  • Major appliances

  • Medical waste or medicines

  • Mirrors

  • Pyrex

  • Styrofoam

  • Tiles

  • Tires

  • Wood

  • Yard waste, leaves, trimmings

Please call Cogent Waste at (718) 349-7555 to arrange for a special / bulk pick up.

Single Stream Recycling

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Single Stream Recycling
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