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Anthony Tristani


Nino Tristani


Denise Harowicz

Chief Financial Officer

Jay Gomez

NYC Business Development Manager

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Cogent Waste Solutions offers a wide range of 24/7 reliable services to accommodate your schedule and your waste management needs. By putting new logistics behind our approach to waste management, Cogent is focused on helping customers to minimize their environmental impact while maximizing cost efficiencies. Our goal is to increase the diversion of waste from landfills by implementing best practices. We are proud to pledge to “NYC Zero Waste Initiative” and will help our customers to build a cleaner and safe environment for future generations.


Cogent was started by brothers Anthony and Nino Tristani, who leveraged over 20 years of experience to revolutionize the recycling industry and the zero-waste movement. Their expertise and consultants are available to advise on a range of projects from customized green waste diversion programs to optimized collection schedules, ensuring that Cogent is, at all times, a leader in the field.

Tishman Speyer

Sustainability Partner

“Cogent has been a superb partner in our efforts to eliminate waste and improve sustainability. Their skill and professionalism is matched only by their courteousness and the reliability of their services. No matter the circumstance, they are never less than a phone call away.”

Vornado Realty

Sustainability Partner

“Cogent has been a wholly reliable partner in our quest to maintain industry leading tenant services. Their support in our efforts to become zero-waste has been outstanding both in their own commitment as well as on the ground feedback enabling continual improvement to our waste diversion programs. We can’t recommend them highly enough.”


Sustainability Partner

"There we were, the new kids on the block. We didn't know anyone and we were just feeling our way around this wonderful city over 15 years ago. Cogent Waste was there to help us adjust and understand the Waste and Recycling services in our new surroundings and make us feel right at home."


Sustainability Partner

“Cogent Waste Removal is a reliable, professional and accommodating company. Whether you need compactor service, container pickup, curbside removal or on-site dumpsters, you can’t go wrong with Cogent Waste Solutions – our provider for over 15 years!”



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  1. Cogent Recycling of  NY LLC
    58-35 47th Street, Maspeth, NY 11378

  2. Cogent Recycling of NJ LLC
    800 Page Ave, Lyndhurst, NJ 07071

  3. Cogent Central
    860 Humboldt St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

  4. Brooklyn C&D
    542 Varick Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

  5. Cogent Transfer LLC (SSO Organics Licensed)
    114-115 Thames Street, Brooklyn, NY 11237

  6. Staten Island C&D
    11 Ferry Street, Staten Island, NY 10302

Staten Island C & D

Cogent Transfer LLC

Cogent Recycling NJ

Cogent Recycling NY

Cogent Central

Brooklyn C & D

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Click on the dots to learn more

Tap on the dots to learn more

Quality work comes from quality people. Cogent Waste prides itself on hiring outstanding people, providing them with the best training in the industry, and empowering them to succeed. Positivity is a core component of the company culture, and excellence is of paramount importance to everyone throughout the team.

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